You were born with a sack full o’ stardust, baby!

You’ve just forgotten where you left it.
And, I’m gonna help you find it.

Are you oh-so-done with online courses?

I hear you! Because those never worked for me either.

So I’m not going to make you watch my 80-hour training, waste days installing plugins on your website, or write an 18-page mission statement.

I’m going to do you one better. Here’s what I do for my students in The Chakra Business Academy:

  1. Clear your energetic blocks (yes, you have them…we all do)
  2. Rediscover your stardust (the unique gift that gives you a leg-up among all the other samey-samey spiritual entrepreneurs out there)
  3. Monetize that gift (just because you’re spiritual doesn’t mean you can’t make money)

It’s a delicate mix of the ethereal & the practical.

Because Soul Sister, you need both! So here’s how I help:


The Chakra Business Academy

Don’t freak out, okay? This isn’t an online course. Far from it.

It’s a small-group program (limited to 10 people/month) that walks you through my proven system for discovering your stardust and MONETIZING it….without spending a million hours fiddling with the back end of your website.

(I don’t do that, and I don’t think you should either.)

In The Chakra Business Academy, we meet online and in person, focusing on creating the space to hold success. Plus you get 1:1 time with me, which is where the Big Magic happens.

Most of us have an energetic glass ceiling above our heads. And you can’t build a business that way.

When you’re all blocked up, you’re too tired to implement big ideas, you show up late for sessions, your clients complain that you’re too expensive, they ghost you for sessions and pay weeks late
You Don’t Thrive.

This fixes that. Once you’ve tapped into your stardust, your magical business comes ALIVE!

Clients flock to you.

People stop asking for discounts (and you stop freakin’ giving them!) You bank balance starts to grow, just as whitespace on your calendar magically opens up.


“Is The Chakra Business Academy right for me?”

Jump on a zero-cost, clarity session and find out if stored energy is holding your business back.

2018 began as a struggle. It was fucking awful. I felt like I was walking through neck-deep mud every single day. I’d wake up ready to start anew, yet by mid-morning, I had lost my mojo. I was disconnected from my business (and sales reflected it). I had a short temper with my family. And I no longer resonated at the frequency I once did. It was a really, really low time. I was already working with three phenomenal coaches/mentors – all of whom are intuitives and felt my struggle as well. There was no question, I needed another spiritual guide in my arsenal of amazing coaches. Tamara’s name had popped a few times on social media, and I toyed with the idea of reaching out. It wasn’t until late March that I knew I needed to connect. And can I just say, she’s FUCKING AWESOME! She’s straight to the point. She doesn’t sugar coat. She’s pure magic. After three weeks of working with Tamara, I had total clarity, and the Universe and I instantaneously reconnected. I received 3 months of downloads in three days. I couldn’t stop receiving. Ideas. Inspiration. Connections. Money. I had my biggest sales day of the year (outside of running a sale) after getting clarity. While this spiritual journey will be ongoing, I am back in the flow of my business. And it feels so fucking good! From the bottom of my heart (and every chakra), I thank you and love you!

~ Abby Walker

Founder, Vivian Lou

You can only be as successful as you give yourself space to hold.

So let’s create some space for deep abundance and magic, shall we? Get the 3 days of chakra magic delivered to your inbox.

Tamara opened my eyes. There’s just no other way to put it! I had no awareness of the ability I had to feel, read, understand, and learn from the energy all around me.  More importantly, I had no idea how many things I was doing to be sure it stayed that way! Gently, persistently, and in total alignment with my value system, Tamara showed me my OWN access to all of the energy just waiting to move both me personally and my business forward with a momentum I’d never imagined possible. The word is miracle. Tamara has been my miracle.

Pam Prior

CEO Priorities Group.

Working with Tamara is life changing. There’s no other way to describe it. Her ability to see beyond the surface and read your blocks – and most importantly – know how to clear them, has helped me see incredible growth in my business *and* personal life. If you’re ready to finally feel completely connected to your purpose and start each day aligned and energized by possibility, run – don’t walk – to work with her!

Liz Lajoie

Zen Money CFO

Working with Tamara in the Chakra Business Academy has been a truly life changing experience. I’ve felt stuck in my career and life for a long time. I knew that I had blockages in my chakras and energy, but didn’t know how to release it. Tamara helped me to learn how to feel and identify the problems myself and gave me invaluable tools for dealing with fear and resistance. Also, being in a supportive group environment and knowing that we’re all growing together and supporting each other has been so encouraging- I made so many new friends! I know that I’ll refer back to what I learned here again and again. I can’t recommend this course highly enough!!!

Kristen Lay

Rockstar Creator and Coach