You were born with a sack full o' stardust, baby!

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You’ve just forgotten where you left it.

And, I’m gonna help you find it.


Are you ready for the 5 steps to working together?

Step One - We can have lots of fun

Step Two - There’s so much we can do

Step Three - It’s just you and me

Step Four - I can give you more

Step Five - Don’t you know that the time is right 

Ok, ok, I totally stole this from New Kids on the Block, who I adore.

The real question is, are you ready to bust through all your energetic blocks to create the business of your dreams? 

When you do, opportunities flow to you with ease, soul clients line up at your door, and abundance rains down on you like the chair scene from Flashdance when she pulls the string and magic happens. 

I know this because I have travelled this internal landscape to launch my own successful business, and helped countless women all over the world do the same.

Are you ready?

Let’s rock this party like a New Kids party!

Chakra Reading with Tamara


Did you know that chakras can store energy and send out vibrations? This means that they can either be rocking your mojo or draining your battery. Click “learn more” to get an indepth reading on if your vibe is attracting your tribe, or silently sabotaging your success.


Chakra Business Academy


Are you ready to ditch the rules to rock your dream business? Get step by step guidance on how to clear the energetic clutter in your chakras and step confidently into your stardust (your purpose). Watch your whole life change as you align your inner being with your outer experience.


Quantum 1:1 Coaching


Have you ever travelled to the quantum field and activated your true potential? Used quantum energy to shift your business forward in epic ways? In this personal and high touch coaching, you learn how to master energy to make quantum leaps in your business and life. (limited to two people a month)