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Chakra Business Academy

My signature product, The Chakra Business Academy is the place for you to dump the internal junk and create the business you know is inside you. Stop the self sabotage train and pull up to limitless opportunities and abundance.

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Intention Card Deck

Words have power, which is why this stunning 44 card deck was created. Pull a card each morning and set an intention every day. These intentions not only have the power to create incredible shifts in your day, they were also designed to bring all sorts of magic into your life.


Choose Love T-Shirt

The minute I laid eyes on this baseball tee, I knew exactly what it was meant for. This shirt is not only incredibly soft and comfortable, but every purchase is supporting mental health in Niagara. $10 from each shirt will be donated to Pathstone Mental Health to support children and adolescents who don’t currently have the support that they need. So many kids are being turned away due to lack of funding, and these shirts are here to make a difference. Every dollar counts, and together we have the opportunity to make a big impact. #chooseloveniagara

Sizes: These shirts are fitted unisex and fit larger than your current size. They come in sizes S, M, L, XL.

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Tamara’s Book: The Magical Business Method: Define Your Stardust, Attract Your Tribe, Make Lots of Money

Imagine a life where your business flows, everything feels easy, and amazing opportunities appear in front of you every day.

The Magical Business Method shows you how to use the energy in your chakras to move through fear and overwhelm to trust and abundance.


Tamara’s Book: My Kid is Driving Me Crazy: A Mom’s Survival Guide for Living with a Child with Mental Illness

My Kid is Driving Me Crazy helps mothers thrive while living with a child with mental illness. Mental illness in a loved one sucks! Some days, all moms want to do is stay in bed, because facing reality seems insurmountable. Living with her son, who suffers from depression, anxiety, and oppositional defiance disorder (ODD), taught life coach Tamara Arnold how to become the successful woman she is today. Tamara spent years going to therapy, for herself and with her son, learning how to balance living with mental health with having a strong sense of self. My Kid is Driving Me Crazy helps other who are living with people with mental illness learn to separate themselves from the chaos, redefine who they are, and figure out what they want for their future.

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