Tamara Arnold is a 3 time international best-selling author, an international speaker, and an expert on chakras for business.

As the founder of The Chakra Business Academy, Tamara’s mission is to help spirit driven entrepreneurs bust through their blocks and make a bigger impact in the world with their Stardust. For over a decade Tamara has made the human body her study. From personal training to nutrition coaching and now energy work, Tamara has helped hundreds of people break free from self sabotaging behaviours. She loves to create a fun experience with her audience while dropping “aha’s” like it’s hot. Tamara has an easy going, playful nature that she not only brings to the stage, but she also carries into her workshops and with her clients.

Keynote: How to use your chakras to bust through your blocks.


Upcoming Engagements

Legendary Life Event - September 22, 2019 | Niagara Falls, Canada

Author Retreat - September 29, 2019 | Denver, Colorado, USA

Past Engagements

MoMondays - January 21, 2019 | Niagara Falls, Canada

Passion and Purpose - March 31, 2019 | Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Tamara Arnold is a masterful storyteller whose presence lights up the stage. Her ability to connect with the audience was pure magic. She was open, honest, energetic and funny. Most importantly, she sparked transformational shifts in the mindsets and belief systems of the attendees. Tamara truly brought her stardust.
— Deborah Buell, Transformational Life Coach & Founder of Create Your Life Events