There is a secret no one is sharing, and I want to let you in on it. 

All those uncomfortable feelings and fear you are feeling about being ultra successful, there is a way to completely get rid of them.

Yep! You heard me right.

No more procrastinating, holding yourself back, making strange stories up in your head about why you can’t move forward in your business.

There is a way to become a laser focused rockstar accomplishing more in one day than most people accomplish in a week, and in way less time.

The thing is, you have already taken the steps to live life as the magical unicorn you were put on this earth to be, you just don’t remember how to access that part of yourself anymore.

That’s where I come in.

Through working in my own quantum field, I have learned the way to forge the path for you.

That’s what quantum one on one is all about.

You will learn how to access your quantum self, quickly and easily.

How to transform what you desire in your business into real life results.

Mind tricks and hacks to clear your energy and gain clarity instantly.

The potential in the quantum field is limitless, and you will learn how to use that energy today.

If you are ready to bust through the energetic glass ceiling you have built once and for all, apply here.

How do you know if this coaching is for you?

  • You are ready to bust through your money blocks (can you say pass me the dynamite)

  • You are ready to kick excuses to the curb (start writing your break up letter now)

  • You are ready to uplevel your business in a big way (super mario style)

  • You are ready to tap into an energy source that will completely transform your life (what are you waiting for???)


If you are ready to bust through the energetic glass ceiling you have built once and for all, apply here.


2018 began as a struggle. I was disconnected from my business (and sales reflected it). After three weeks of working with Tamara, I had my biggest sales day of the year after getting clarity. From the bottom of my heart (and every chakra), I thank you and love you!
— Abby Walker: Founder, Vivian Lou

My work thus far with Tamara has been challenging me in the best of ways. Letting go of limiting self beliefs, historic baggage that does not serve me well in the here and now, and learning to protect myself by not taking on board that which is not mine, has been a freeing journey. And learning I can do it all from a place of love without hurting anyones feelings, is life changing. As I continue to learn to tune in and let go in order to step bigger into my purpose, is a gift that I see keeps on giving. Tamara has taught me to get out of my own way!
— Rene Serbon