Calling all Empaths, Healers and Light-workers.

The time to rise is now.

As a collective, your gifts are what is healing the earth.

Are you ready to build a business that feeds your soul, your clients, your bank account and the world.

Together we delve into your chakras, busting through the blocks that have kept you playing small, activating your inner truth, and creating space for the light of the Universe to flow through you. 

It’s an adventure into your inner temple. 

Where you slay the self sabotaging beasts, bust through your blocks and create massive momentum. 


Chakra Reading with Tamara

Did you know that chakras can store energy and send out vibrations? This means that they can either be rocking your mojo or draining your battery. Get an in depth reading on if your vibe is attracting your tribe, or silently sabotaging your success.


Chakra Business Academy

Are you ready to make magic in your business? To wake up every morning and love what you do? To have clarity on exactly what your stardust is? The step by step guide to all this and more is a click away.


Chakra Business Academy for Men

Have you been doing all the right steps and not getting the results you desire? Are you ready to know exactly what to do to change that? The map to busting through your blocks and making a bigger impact is at your fingertips.


Quantum 1:1 Coaching

Have you ever travelled to the quantum field and activated your true potential? Used quantum energy to shift your business forward in epic ways? In this personal and high touch coaching, you learn how to master energy and make quantum leaps in your business.