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Divine Money

How to use the energy of your chakras to call in your soul tribe.


“Your process has been the missing link for my business. I made over 10K last month simply using Facebook.”

 ~ Alise Shelman Akashic Records Teacher


You were born to shine

So why do you wake up feeling like someone flipped your inner light switch off?


Look, I know what it’s like to feel stuck.

To lose hours every day creeping your entrepreneur friends on Facebook thinking WTF? How are these unicorns more successful than me? My work is straight-up legendary.  #beenthere

Applying for certificate after certificate, every time thinking this will be your magic bullet (Spoiler: it won’t).

Secretly cruising the job ads for the day when your partner tells you it's time to start paying some bills, instead of making them. Ouch.

Your ticket on the success train begins now, and it is a whole lot easier than anything you have ever heard or done before #gamechanger

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