Tamara’s unique and authentic way of serving her clients that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Her gift helps them to not only transcend their conscious blocks, but the ones that they’ve been carrying with them for a lifetime. It has been a joy getting to witness her impact on the lives of so many.
— Amber Lilyestrom: Transformational Branding Strategist + Business Coach,



It was such an honor and so much fun to host Tamara on the Embodied Healing Self Podcast. I really enjoyed our collaborative connection and the gateway our conversation provided listeners to tap into their own intuition as part of the embodied healing self to access our soul’s wisdom. Her episode remains one of the top rated and most listened episodes of the show. Several of my listeners were grateful for new insight from this episode! Tamara brings the balance magic and wisdom to listeners everywhere.
— Jen Mons, CHHC, ACC, RYT, Wellness Intuitive and Life Coach