Enchanted News Volume 10

Last weekend was an incredible weekend for me!

In the last few months I signed up for a mastermind to keep working on myself.

I had been feeling lost, alone and cluttered energetically. I knew there were things going on, inside, that I needed help cleaning out.

So, with excitement in my heart, my husband and I made the 12 hours road trip to Portsmouth, NH for a live retreat weekend with Amber Lilyestrom.

From the minute I walked in to the room on Friday, I was a puddle.

Tears flowed out of my eyes and onto the table.

All of the emotions that I had been bottling up for months, finally found their way out of my body.

Every moment I spent in the sacred container of beautiful women, all doing the deep work to step in to their next selves, was a gift.

For three days, we laughed, cried, made deep connections, and we learned.

Learned who we really are and how to shift our businesses.

As I sit here writing this message, I still feel the delicious comfort of knowing I created space last weekend to serve at a higher level.

That I let go of parts of myself that were no longer serving me.

And this week has felt like a dream.

So many amazing things have come forward in my business.

Opportunities, soul clients and divine money.

Because I made myself the priority and worked on my stuff.

The most powerful thing you can do to create lasting effects in you and your business is to deep dive in to what’s holding you back.

If you haven’t started a business yet and are holding a faint idea of what you want to do,

If you are a stay at home mom and want to feel supported and expansive,

If you are an entrepreneur who is hitting a plateau and can’t figure out how to push to the next level,

If you have a job you love but feel unfulfilled,

For each of these, the answer lies within.

Inside your energy system.

Your story.

I know this because I witness it with the people I am here to serve AND because I do this work on myself.

Because I know that when we are in alignment, the people in our lives feel it.

Our soul clients feel it.

The Universe rejoices.

And we feel freaking amazing.

Last night I sat alone in my house watching the Beauty and the Beast movie, sing-crying, with Spirit Shivers flowing over my body.

I felt so alive and happy.

The deep dive might feel scary, but it is so freeing.

If you ever have questions, please reach out.



1839248_1535126022shfSurrender.jpgTHE SURRENDER EXPERIMENT by Michael Singer

I love this book. I love Michael Singer. I love how he knows how I’m feeling and puts the words on paper that I can’t explain. The Surrender Experiment is his journey to separate from the noisy part of the mind and find a deeper connection to Spirit. And along the way, he realizes that the Universe guides him to what to do next, and all he has to do is surrender to the flow. This leads him in to an incredibly fulfilling life. I love the way he explains how his ego tries to talk him out of things, but he has chosen surrender, and so he continues to release more and more of his internal chatter. An amazing book that will open your eyes to so much more possibility.

Four fairy stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

1839279_1535126300tb4Ignites.jpgBEFORE SHE IGNITES by Jodi Meadows

Talk about a cliffhanger! All book you’re waiting for the big climactic ending and it literally comes at the very end and leaves so many things unanswered. This book is interesting because it unites a very unlikely group of people in a prison called the Pit. There were plot twists and turns that I didn’t see coming, and in truth, by the end of the book I couldn’t put it down. Which led me to staying up until midnight last night. Way past my bedtime! But every chapter just kept leading into the next and I had to know what happened. The book also has dragons. Which I’m a sucker for.

Three Fairy Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

1839332_1535126832GseGlass.jpgTHE GLASS SPARE by Lauren DeStefano

Can you imagine feeling normal one day, and then having the power to kill people through touch the next? This book was intriguing in the sense that it was nothing like I’ve read before and it had crystals in it. Win win in my eyes. There was deep fabric of court intrigue, woeful lovers, and magical curses woven throughout that had me enraptured. I know I’ve enjoyed a book when I look up when book two will be available. The author left a lot unsaid at the end of this book which leads to wanting to know how it will play out in book two. Thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Three fairy stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

(Don’t forget that you can press the titles of these books and instantly be transported to Amazon to grab them!)




I can’t believe Mexico is only 2.5 weeks away!!!

I’m sitting here writing this newsletter feeling high from an incredible weekend of shifting energy and rising in to my new self.

It felt so amazing to have Amber Lilyestrom hold space for me. To know there was a sacred container for me to do the deep work that was needed to rise.

Imagine being in Tulum Mexico, supported by the magic of Earth, breaking down layer after layer of your resistance and fear.

Honouring your true self and the important work you are here to do.

Releasing blocked energy and igniting your soul’s calling.

Opening up to receive what the Universe so desperately wants to gift you.

There are a few spots left at $1250 USD and $1350 USD.

The only other thing you need is an open heart and plane ticket.

Food, lodgings, and transformational excursions are all included.

Click here to grab one of the few spots left!



This weeks Tea with Tamara is incredibly emotional and touches on something that came up during my weekend retreat. I was confronted with the truth that I had been judging myself and others. This video explains what I did to find where that began and how I worked through it.

As I sit here having morning coffee and connecting to you all, I feel a deep sense of love and peace.

An overwhelming sense of gratitude that you are here on this journey with me.

That you opened this newsletter and read through it’s words.

Thank you.

Take a breath and let the love and gratitude I feel flow in through your crown and down to your feet.

Know that you are a beautiful energy of love light and your gifts are needed in this world.

Know that you are meant to shine!

Carry this love with you today, through the weekend and beyond,

Care-bear stare from my heart to yours.

Lots of love,

Tamara Arnold
The Enchanted Fairy

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