What is an “awakening” and how to know if you’ve had one!


  I was asked recently how I knew the messages I was receiving came from a source outside of myself.

My life has changed so much over the last few years, that I often forget that hearing “voices” in your head ISN’T considered normal.

When I went back and thought about the process, it just sort of flowed.

Three years ago, my then seventeen year old son and myself needed to take a break from each other. It devastated me.

I went in to a deep sadness. Fear based thoughts played over and over in my head. Paralyzingly me. Thoughts of, “what kind of mother tells their child they can’t be in each other’s life?”, and “you should have done more” consumed me.

I spent most days in the fetal position.

Peeling myself off my lazy boy chair to work with my clients, only to return again when I was done.

After weeks of this, I knew I needed to do “something”, but I didn’t know what.

I started to ask “what can I do today to feel just a little bit better” every morning.

I made hair appointments, nail appointments, massage appointments, which helped, but didn’t touch the deep sadness.

Then, one life changing day, as I was scrolling through Facebook, my eyes fell upon a post asking if I wanted to meditate with the Angels for 30 days.

I knew nothing about Kari Samuels or how to meditate, but it felt so necessary and needed that I immediately signed up.

The next 30 days I slept through every Angel meditation.

I actually named it medi-napping, because the minute the meditation began I was out like a light, only coming back to consciousness when I was told to at the end.

Looking back, I never thought I was failing at meditation. I knew that the work was too big for my conscious brain to deal with, so it needed to begin subconsciously.

After the 30 day Angel series, I simply started googling meditations that I thought I needed, and found loads on YouTube.

Meditations to release sadness. For energy. To bring abundance to my life. To love yourself. To increase libido. The possibilities were endless.

I also want to note here, that meditations began finding me. I kept seeing them in peoples posts on Facebook, in random ads, in different groups, they were everywhere!

Once I began staying awake, this is when I started receiving information.  I would be in meditation and have a visit from a past loved one, or I would see and hear Angels.

It was only after I accepted the messaging IN meditation as truth, that I started to receive the messages outside of meditation.

By then I knew the way it sounded in my head, and the words that were used. I trusted that voice tremendously.

It began to steer and guide me. When I was told to create a 52 week colouring agenda, I did. When I heard I needed to make an Intention Card deck, I made them.

The more I listened, the more guidance I was given.

While this was going on, there were some pretty intense physical responses happening in my body!

It was like a whole new world was opening in my brain, one that had been asleep for a really long time!

These were the physical signs I went through as I awakened,

  • Brain aches - they weren’t headaches exactly. More like a muscle ache. It reminded me of when I went to the gym and got soreness the next day. It felt like my brain was getting a workout in every single day.
  • Increased vision - my sight became crystal clear. Each leaf on a tree was distinct and different, each snowflake separate from the one that fell before. Colours were brighter and crisper.
  • Increased hearing - it began with ringing in the ears and random feelings like I couldn’t hear for a second.  Then the wind had a story, it would use trees to send a message. Music began to tell me things, and I would hear noises when I was meant to be paying attention to something.
  • Dizziness - with everything that was going on between my ears, in my ears, and with my eyesight, it felt at times like I had vertigo. It felt like I walking on a dock over water. Slightly unstable but manageable!
  • A sense of knowing - this one is harder to explain. It was as though worry disappeared and trust appeared. All the law of attraction stuff that I had been doing for years, that felt like it wasn’t working, made sense. My thoughts shifted dramatically.
  • Vibration change - this one was big and changed the course of my life. I started to see people differently. There was a significant change in my ability to be around people who would need me to lower my energy. It was beyond my control now. Lowering was not an option, only increasing it seemed possible.

The time line went something like this.

Sadness ➡ medi-napping ➡ staying awake in meditation ➡ receiving messages in meditation ➡ trusting those messages to be true ➡ physical manifestation of my awakening ➡ hearing and trusting what I receive while not meditating.

The awakening for me took about six months to fully integrate, and in truth, I’m still going through it constantly. Once it begins, I don’t think it ever stops.

Every day holds new exciting shifts and changes. Some take a few minutes to feel through, others as long as a month.

New layers peel back, my gifts get stronger.

I listen, I receive more.

The voice in my head sounds like my voice, but I know it’s not. It answers my questions and sends me information when I need it. Sometimes it just tells me something randomly to do, and even when it doesn’t make sense, I still do it. It hasn’t steered me wrong yet!

Do you have an awakening story? I would LOVE to hear about it! Send me a message or share it in the Facebook group here (click link).

When we all awaken, the world will be a different place.

Lots of love,


Tamara Arnold, The Enchanted Fairy