What do you do when the rejection you feel comes from the ones you love the most?


This past week rocked my root chakra in a way that has been both cathartic and challenging.

Decades of the belief that I was the strong one, the one that kept the family together, getting unwound from my heart.

Giving me the opportunity to use my voice without fear.

And it hurt.

I’m not talking a little bit of pain. I’m talking a deep burning hotness between my shoulder blades.

A discomfort that had me bent over with my husband rubbing anti-inflammatory oil on my back.

How did I get to this point?

On Wednesday of this week, The Author Incubator, sent a film crew down to do a success story video about me and my business.

In the last two years since joining their program, I’ve written three books, founded The Chakra Business Academy, launched the Tea with Tamara podcast, and am helping countless women clear their internal chakras to create the same momentum for themselves.

They wanted to do a “where are they now” video highlighting all parts of how stepping up to write my first book has created magical experiences for so many.

Which lead me to putting together a mini three hour event for local soul clients and close friends.

With only three hours to teach what usually takes three days, I knew there could only be one area of The Energy Funnel shared.

As I was preparing for the day the night before all I could hear echoing in my head was “Root Chakra”.

When I opened my eyes the next morning I heard the same thing.


That is what I would be highlighting at the event.

The foundation of who we are.

The chakra of action.

The root chakra is so powerful, and when it is out, it sets your entire energy body out.

Because if you are placing any of your magic in to fear of judgement, seeking approval, people pleasing or not having clear boundaries, then you have nothing left over to support your soul clients.

You are giving your energy to those who take and drain.

Leaving you tired and discouraged.

And paralyzed in your business.

So as I coached this on Wednesday, the last thing I asked was, “who do you have to cut out of your life or stop talking to today?”.


That felt aggressive. But when Spirit speaks through me I know it’s for a reason.

Which leads to Friday.

For the last few months, I have felt the need to remove my family from my Facebook.

Facebook is the way I show up.

It’s how I speak my truth and honour my stardust.

But having my family there to see my feelings, has created a sort of censorship.

My worry for how my feelings and emotions will effect them, muting my voice and how I want to help others.

So as I was driving to meet a friend for breakfast, I heard, “block your sister from Facebook” in my mind.

Ok. I’ll think about it.

I sit down for breakfast, share my story with my friend who immediately says a mutual friend of ours just did this and shared it on Facebook.

Now I don’t look at these synchronicities lightly. I see them as the Universe confirming my thoughts.

By the end of the day I blocked all my family from Facebook.

And I will tell you why.

In no way does taking my family off Facebook define my love for them.

It is simply a social media platform that allows me to make an impact with my work.

My family does not support my work.

There is still email, Instagram and text that we can communicate with.

Let me state this again.

A social media tool does not define love.

Anyone who feels unloved by not being on a platform, does not understand how love works.

My love is bigger than Facebook. It is bigger that anything else in my body. And it is freely given at all times to anyone who wishes to celebrate it.

Making this decision has felt like a giant inhale to my energy body and my voice.

To showing up bigger to help support you in your transformations, which is why I am here.

So as I scrolled Instagram after I had made my decision I saw I Cheryl Strayed quote that has stuck with me.

It said, “I am not running away from my life, I am running deeper into myself”.

And with that I knew that there was a new level coming to how I show up and serve my tribe.

If you have any questions about the seven floors of your energy body, your chakras, please don’t hesitate to connect.

There is an incredible group of soul driven entrepreneurs in The Chakra Business Academy right now doing this work.

Making space within themselves to hold more success.

By clearing out the energy clutter to bring in more divine money and soul clients.

To open up to what the Universe is bringing them.

There are a few spots left this month for those who are ready to unpack the internal clutter within themselves that is holding them back.

Who are ready to show up brighter and more fully.

To release the self imposed limitations that keep playing the same loop of self sabotage, over and over again.

If you are ready to step in to The Energy Funnel and completely transform your business, click the link below to apply.

Having a sacred space to do this work with intentional women is an extremely powerful experience.

One where your root chakra feels celebrated.

Wishing you the most magical day ever,


Jamie Clampet