What do chakras and crystal grids have in common?


  In the last retreat I led, I was instructed by Spirit to do crystal grids with the magical souls attending.

This seemed like an odd request, since I had never created a crystal grid before. But when Spirit speaks, I listen. So I set out to learn as much about grids as I could.

I looked on Amazon, flipped through books at Chapters, and eventually decided to go with Hibiscus Moon’s crystal grid templates (I love me some instant downloading action). Always trust your intuition, because these templates turned in to a very powerful tool for both the people at retreat, and for myself.

Within the first few pages, I learned something that utterly blew my mind.

Now, I’m going to go back for a second and reiterate, that when I receive a download from Spirit, no matter how big, how small, or how far fetched it is, I listen.

I often think back to Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic explaining that when you are gifted with an idea, and you don’t take action on it, it moves on to find someone who will.

So I choose to listen and act. As someone recently taught me (although I’m not sure they know how much I use this now), make decisions fast and yes. It’s better to act fast and learn, then to stand still and ponder.

Getting back to crystal grids, there is one key piece of information that without knowing, nothing happens.

You can have all the right pieces, the centre stone, the surrounding stones, the pretty grid, sage to cleanse your crystals, all very important.

But the piece that matters most, is the activation of the grid.

The wand.

Using a selenite or a clear quartz wand, you move from the centre crystal in your grid, clockwise around to all the other crystals, connecting their energies and activating the manifestation powers of your grid.

Without this, the crystals don’t communicate with each other, and they remain beautifully placed, but not manifesting.

It’s in the connection, going from one crystal to the next, tying the energies together, that makes the grid powerful.

And that is how your chakras work!

You can spend countless hours focusing on one chakra. Hiring a relationship coach for your heart chakra, speaking coach for your throat chakra, tantric coach for sacral (yes please!), but until you clear them all and then connect each one to the next, it feels like you don’t get anywhere.

It feels as though you are doing everything right, but spinning your wheels. I know this feeling well, because I lived this particular phase for some time.

And in truth, it wasn’t until I wrote my first book, that I cleared my throat chakra and root chakra, which cleared all my chakras to connect to each other. It was only then that everything took off.

Think about the wand as a beautiful stream of white light from Source, it shines down from the stars directly to the top of your head.

The light shines in through your crown, through each chakra, and down to your foundation, your root, to activate chakra powers and manifest the crap out of life.

The part that no one talks about, is that, if any of the chakras are clogged or blocked, like my throat and root were, the activation stops at that spot. We run on low to no power.

Think about all the ways you hold yourself back in your business? Imposter syndrome, fear of success, you don’t have what it takes, you need more certifications, you are afraid to charge for your services.

Each one of these represents an imbalance in your chakras, each one of these I used to give energy to.

It’s no wonder I kept getting to the same place in my business time and again, hitting the same wall over and over again. Repeating the same cycles.

Can you hear it? The self sabotage train leaving the station. I knew exactly what to do to stop myself from growth, and it was always triggered in the chakra that needed the most attention.

It may seem simple, but the key to busting through your resistance and having loads of success, is connecting each chakra to each other and activating the power of one to the next, just like the crystal grids.

This creates a clear path for all the magic the Universe is already bringing to you, to make its way to your action chakra, your root, and for you to become a high vibrating machine of manifestation.

I see it happening every day. Literally, as an energy reader! The paths get cleared, the wand of light flows through, activation occurs, and maximum results ensue.


Reading about wands activating grids, also connected the dots for my own personal business branding.

My The Enchanted Fairy logo has a wand AND the cover of my book, The Magical Business Method, is a wand.


In my world there are no coincidences, only signs, and this one does not go unnoticed.

If you want to know if you have any blockages connecting your chakras together, you can apply for a business chakra reading here.

This will help you understand why you keep getting to the same place in your business without growth, and illuminate what you are holding on to.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to have your chakras lit up like a Christmas tree, calling in all the amazing things you have dreamed your business could be.

It’s pretty AH-MA-ZING!