Top 10 Fairy Tale Movies of All Time



There is so much going on in the world right now. When I turn on my computer, I am bombarded with fear, hurt, upset and sadness.


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I wanted to bring love, joy and happiness to everyone reading.


I have been an avid fairy tale enthusiast my whole life, spending countless hours watching these movies, disappearing into a world of magic and wonder.


Some people say that I have my head in the clouds, others say I have never grown up (especially because I love snapchat!). But I agree with these statements!


Whenever I get a chance to lose myself into a magical world, I one hundred percent sign off on reality, and check in to a super cheesy, overly romantic, always fantastical, dreamy dream land.


Some of the movies listed have war, fighting and gruesome battles, but the overall story line is majestic and beautiful. I am also a sucker for scenery, handsome leading men and music.... oh and of course elves!


These movies are listed in no particular order, and maybe I have 13.


And maybe within my 13 favourites, there is a trilogy and a series with 8 movies in it, which really takes the total to 23. But who's counting.


So The Enchanted Fairy's most favourite fairy tale movies of all time are, in no particular order..... drum roll please.....




1. Harry Potter – This includes all eight movies. Magic doesn't get much better than this! From the first scene of the first movie, I was hooked.








2. Willow – this one dates me a little, seeing as it was released in 1988, but I was slightly obsessed with Val Kilmer after this movie.








3. Ella Enchanted – This movie makes me sooo happy!!! From beginning to end I smile... and sing.... oh how I sing! I have always loved and will always love Anne Hathaway.








4. Maleficent – Dark and dreamy, Angelina Jolie blew my mind in this retelling of Sleeping Beauty.






5. The Princess Bride – enough said.




6. Stardust – This is actually my favourite movie of all time. It has so many layers to it, and has everything I look for, magic, fun, danger. Also, if you know me, I have many favourites lol.







7. Enchanted – It's the best of both worlds in this movie, literally. From cartoon beginning, to cheesy romantic ending, this one scores big on the fairy tale scale with me. Maybe I have purchased some of the songs to iTunes... for the kids... of course.







8. Labyrinth – David Bowie in tight pants stealing a baby to live with the goblins... win win win!! This is a classic movie that makes me, my kids, any one with a pulse, enjoy and love.








9. Ever After – Man I love this movie. It's the little girl dream of finding your Prince Charming, even though there is no swooning for him here. Drew Barrymore is enchanting, and the movie is super romantic.







10. Mirror Mirror – Can a Snow White movie be any more fun? This one wins out for me in the list of similar movies due to it's ability to make me laugh. The dwarfs steal their clothes!! Come on! That's funny!







11. The NeverEnding Story – A boy steals a book from the library and hides in the attic at school to save a fairy tale kingdom. I wished that had been me for so many years. I love books, and would often skip school to finish one. So close.





12. Lord of the Rings – I include all three in the trilogy and also The Hobbit in this number. My list would be too long if I separated them all. Here is the scenery, music, elves, and handsome leading men I was talking about.





13. Strange Magic – I toyed with whether or not I would put a cartoon movie on my list. I am not including any of the Disney movies (The Little Mermaid is my favourite), so why would this one get in. The truth is, this one is my current go to with my daughters, and my friend and her daughters, and truthfully, I freaking love it. It is cheesy, a musical, funny, and just straight up awesome.





This list is not meant to upset anyone or anger other fairy tale enthusiasts. I am not a fairy tale shamer in any way!


If there is one that you adore that I did not list here, please share it. There can not be enough love going around right now.


Actually, let's build the longest, favourite fairy tale list EVER. Love is the answer, and these movies are not lacking in that.


These movies are meant to bring you joy, so as the weather gets colder, grab a blanket, a loved one, furry or human, snuggle up, and enjoy.


Lots of love,


Tamara Brouwer Arnold, The Enchanted Fairy


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