This could change your life


Do you ever feel as though you are an observer in your own life?

Looking outside and seeing the beautiful day but feeling as though it’s so far from where you are standing. That you don’t know how to get outside to enjoy it?

There have been multiple times over the last year that I have experienced this.

Present without presence.

Each time vowing that I would not get to the same place. That I would ask for help before the loneliness set in.

And I did.

I learned that it’s important to find someone to talk to. A friend, a confidant, a therapist.

This year I began something called Friend Friday’s. It’s been powerful to have this time to hug a human and connect physically.  

Working virtually is my dream come true, but finding a reason to leave the house became important. I could spend days at home. Days. And more days. I love it.

But eventually it got lonely.

Choosing to hug humans regularly is shifting that.

Another thing I did was join a Mastermind with people who vibrated at the same frequency as me.

People who were experiencing what I was going through.

Witnessing and sharing is a powerful connector.

Knowing you are not alone can make all the difference.

Feeling a sense of community and sisterhood allowed me the opportunity to share my feelings and feel safe.

That’s a game changer.

So is having a mentor.

Someone who sees your blind spots and can help you push energy through that isn’t serving you. This was the first thing I did.

Poor Amber Lilyestrom!

Within one minute of getting on the phone I was crying.

I spend so much time holding space for other’s energy to shift that I didn’t know how important it was to have someone hold space for mine.

On top of all this, I began to ask for what I needed.

I stopped expecting others to read my mind, and just got on with it. Straight up, not stirred.

Speaking honestly to myself and those I love keeps things from getting bottled up inside.

Emotions = energy in motion.

That’s why it’s so important that we acknowledge and feel them.

To keep flow happening in our body.

In our lives.

In our businesses.

It’s so very important.

If you are feeling as though you are stuck energetically and can’t seem to get anything moving, there is a safe place to feel through what’s going on inside.

To create space within yourself to call in what you desire.

It’s called The Chakra Business Academy.

And it’s magical.

Who you are today, is not who you are when you are done.

Powerful shifts occur.

Internal decluttering that even Marie Kondo would be proud of.

You don’t have to do this alone.

If you are ready to rise above the self sabotage and feelings of fear, we can talk.

The link to learn more is here (Insert CBA Link).

I have been where you are and reached out for help. And it’s been the best thing I did in my business and life.

Sending big soulful Saturday hugs to you!


Jamie Clampet