Soulful Saturday


A love letter to all my peeps!

As I sit here on this beautiful Saturday morning, the sun streaming in the window, I’m reflecting on how much love I am feeling.

Last week was energetically a low vibe week for me.

I spent a lot more time in self care than I normally do.

My level of self care goes up when my physical body and thoughts want me to do less.

I’ve come to realize that these are the moments that instead of buying in to the chaos, I focus MORE on myself, not less.

Guilt free.

Permission to rest.


Tuning in to my internal dialogue.

And as this week flowed, I felt a deep sense of gratitude to everyone who has helped steer me on my path.

And so today, I would like to write a love letter to them all.

Leonie Dawson: You may not know me, but when I broke up with my son and had no where else to go, I joined your mastermind. I landed in a group of beautiful and soft women, all sharing their journeys and spirituality freely. I didn’t speak, I was too shy then, but I felt my first sense of true belonging. Thank you for helping me find an inner spark of light that had gone out. I love you.

Marie Forleo: I had no idea what B-School was actually going to do for me, I just knew that everyone I followed on social media stood by it. So it clearly made sense to be part of the movement. The depth of friendship and connection I have made from this community is astounding. I’m forever grateful. I love you.

Alixe K Tracey: I was a puddle on the first call we ever had and I just knew I HAD to work with you. Your awakening hearts mastermind blew me open. It was here that I learned to work with energy and cleared all my internal blocks. The three months we spent together changed me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were my awakening. I love you.

Satish and Mariola:
Think and Grow rich wasn’t just about learning the principles of mindset, it felt so much bigger. Being a part of these sessions felt more like being a part of a family. The love that you share for each participant and their desires far exceeds just sitting in a seminar. It was this level of involvement that had both my husband and son excited to attend. I’m so grateful to you for creating the space for us all to share in this experience. I love you both.

Giovanni Marsico: How do I share what one event can do for a person. When I attended Archangel Summit in 2016, I had the most spiritual experience of my life. I literally felt guilt, shame, and blame wash out of me that day. It was here that I became the true me. There is not a word big enough that encompasses the gratitude I feel for what you create. Thank you. I love you.

Angela Lauria: How do I put in a small paragraph what you have helped me accomplish. You were the water in the desert of my desires when we met. When I signed up for The Author Incubator, I got so much more than a book. I got my business. Friendships. Belief in myself. Trust. The list is limitless. The love I feel for you is eternal and beyond the container of this Earth. Thank you.

Chris Winfield: Just writing your name brings a smile to my face. You were the first person who showed me that a simple message goes a long way. Whenever I reached out, you were there. The level of incredible people you have brought in to my life is beyond what I ever thought possible for myself. You have opened the door of possibility and it can never be closed. The world is so much more epic since meeting you. Thank you. I love you.

Amber Lilyestrom: You have such a huge part in my heart and journey. How the Universe knew I needed you I do not know, but am forever grateful for. Your transparency and love has moved so much energy for me. You have helped me reconnect to my inner Being, the very essence of who I am. My heart center. Thank you to the depth of my soul. I love you.

Maggie McReynolds: Soul sister extraordinaire! It’s amazing to think that we have been on this book journey from the very beginning together. I’m so grateful for you helping me find my words, even when I don’t know what they are. Thank you for being my editor and my friend. There is no one else I trust with my words. I love you.

Liz Lajoie: As I sit here ready to type so many emotions flow through me. Having you beside me from the beginning of this crazy book writing, business building, financial learning, journey is the greatest gift the Universe has ever given me. I don’t think everyone gets as lucky. Your friendship means the world to me, and doing this all with you by my side is beyond words. I fucking love you! Epically so.

Jeff Arnold: What did you get yourself in to??? It has been the most tumultuous six years of my entire life, and I’m so grateful to be doing it with you. Your love means the world to me, and every day we get to wake up and do this thing called life together, is a gift I get to unwrap all over again. I love you to the moon and back and know that every moment makes us stronger than the last.

As I write these names and connect to the last few years, so many emotions and tears flow through me.

Choosing to show up to create a life and business that makes a difference doesn’t have to be a lonely journey.

It can be filled with so much more.

I’ve leaned in to so many people in my Becoming story.

And I will continue you to do so.

Because sharing is so much more enjoyable than not.

If you read all this thank you for feeling this with me.

My love is the fire that ignites my mission every day.

That sparks joy and creativity with everything that I do.

And there are so many more that feed that love.

My friends, family, clients, energy readings, podcast listeners, book readers, and anyone else who is impacted by the work I do.

Know that I love you and that I am grateful.

So very grateful.

So much love to you all this soulful Saturday morning,

Jamie Clampet