Let’s start a “no” revolution (yes you read that right!)


I don’t know about you, but for me, asking for help is one of the hardest things on the planet.

Where the jitters come from, I’m not sure!

But there have been countless times in my life, where I have let the fear of rejection slow me down.

Which sucks!

The truth is, nothing bad happens when we ask for what we want.

The worst thing, is we may get a “no”.

And is a “no” really that bad?

Where along our childhoods, did we begin to fear that word?

Was it in the way our parents said it aggressively to keep us safe and create boundaries?

Was it when our hearts were broken for the first time? (Is there anything more crushing than first love “no”!).

Was it when we tried out for sports or leisure teams and didn’t make the cut?

Somehow the word “no” became scary.

Meaning we would do anything to prevent hearing it.

Even if it meant we shied away from showing up in the world.

Enough is enough.

Today I want to start a “no” revolution!

An opportunity to take the fear back from the word, and turn it into something magical.

To make hearing the word “no” our goal.


Think about it.

What would you be doing differently if you weren’t afraid of the word “no”?

Would you reach out to more potential soul clients?

Would you submit articles for publication?

Would you ask the person you have a crush on to go out?

Would you send your manuscript in to an agent?

There are so many exciting things you could be doing without that darned “no” getting in the way.

So let’s change things up!

Switch the whole meaning of hearing the word.

I would LOVE to see a show of hands of all the people who are ready to start a “no” revolution.

Who are ready to take back the meaning of this word and make it something beautiful.

A totem of growth.

Of choosing to do scary things.

A badge of becoming.

Are you with me?

Share with me where you want to hear the most “no”s.

How you want to show up in a bigger way?

For me, it’s in asking people to be on my launch team for The Blind Leap (and that means I am asking you ).

I have this dream of 100 people being on the team.

100 people reading the book before it hits Amazon, falling madly in love with it, and sharing it with the world.

Right now, there are 64 magical souls on team launch.

Will you join us?

Will you help break the status quo of doing what you were told to do to live out a life YOU created?

It would be amazing to share this with you.

You can simply press the button below and it will direct you to the Facebook group we are all hanging out in.

All the details will be in there.

You just ask to join.


Also, did I mention you get a gift after you share the book with your friends on launch day, and leave a review on Amazon?

June 27th. The big day!


But it’s totally cool if you are a “no”.

I honour that for both of us.

This is how I am beginning my “no” revolution. I have bigger plans for bigger “no”s coming.

What about you?

Where are you starting your “no” revolution?

I can’t wait to hear back from you.

Jamie Clampet