It’s been one year since I decided to quit drinking.


(Cue the music and start the dancing)

Truthfully, I didn’t know if I could do it.

I had been using alcohol to numb my feelings since I was seventeen years old.

From our first date, alcohol had more power over me than I had over it.

I drank to not feel other people’s emotions.

I drank to not feel my own emotions.

I drank to forget what was happening around me.

I drank to fit in.

I drank because it made me feel braver.

Not once did I drink because it was something I loved.

It was something I felt I needed.

Which is why I had to quit.

I could never have just one.

And if I had more than two, it didn’t stop.

I wanted the buzz.

I craved it.

It took me almost three years of trying on and off, but I did this year it stuck.

Some days I don’t miss it at all.

But when I’m stressed, and I don’t know how to process my emotions, I still want to drink.

The habitual triggers get stimulated.

When this happens, I focus on all the ways being sober has changed my life.

Which I’m excited to share with you today.

Here are my top 10 ways being sober has changed my life.

  1. I have WAY more energy. It’s a little insane. Waking up early is easier when I don’t feel like death peeling my eyelids open and checking to see if my head hurts.

  2. So much more gets done. It’s crazy how much you can do when you wake up motivated and don’t stop at 3 pm to start drinking. It’s like I’ve increased the hours of the day by twice as much. #gamechanger

  3. My business took off. Because let’s be honest here. Getting a message at any point of the day that says, “hey can we chat”, and being sober enough to hop on a call, means I can be present for my potential clients any time!

  4. Sex with my husband is SO amazing now! I hadn’t realized when I was numbing my feelings, I was also numbing my nether regions. Sober sex is the bomb 💣

  5. So many people have gone on this journey with me. They reached out and offered gratitude for my decision to be so public with my story. I still get messages that say “thank you”. In truth, I’m the one that feels blessed.

  6. My business revenue  almost doubled the year I quit. If you want proof that magic can happen, this feels pretty juicy!

  7. What do you do when you don’t go to the pub all weekend? Apparently you buy a bike and hiking shoes. Or at least that’s what Jeff and I did. Since dropping booze, I’ve dropped over twenty pounds.

  8. I’ve become a coffee house nerd. Which is totally hipster and cool… right?! But in truth, it’s been fascinating to realize how many bars there are compared to coffee shops.

  9. I feel my feelings. This one has definitely changed my life the most. When the craving to drink comes up, I get to ask it why it’s there. I’ve learned so much about myself and my behaviours since beginning this new relationship with me.

  10. My boundaries, self care and personal policies are being met. Since choosing a sober life, I’m strong enough to put myself first.

There really isn’t anything in my life that hasn’t been impacted by this decision. Including my relationship with my kids.

Being able to role model for them that anything is possible, and you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, has sparked some really great conversations.

Here’s the thing.

I’m not telling people not to drink.

Most of my friends still do and it’s totally cool.

It was just more than I could control.

It controlled me.

If you have been thinking about quitting and haven’t been able to, there is hope.

Reading This Naked Mind by Annie Grace helped me tremendously.

One day at a time, one feeling at a time.

Love you like crazy.

Have a magical Saturday xx

Jamie Clampet