A Letter To My Year Ago Self



Imagine you could have a conversation with who you were a year ago today.

What would you say?

What advice do you feel would be important to give yourself?

I pondered this idea in a place where inspiration often visits... a nice, hot, Himalayan salt bath. I lay neck deep in the water, and reflected on all that had happened this past year. I decided I wanted to write my year ago self a letter.

This is that letter.





Holy snot balls!!! You actually did it!! You accomplished the things you set out to do. Can you believe it?!

I remember how you felt when you started the Colour to Create Your Most Amazing Year Agenda, how you felt no one would think sitting and drawing was work. You felt so guilty, as though you were letting everyone down, thinking, how can drawing and colouring be a job?!

But you persevered, and your goal of having a book done by the end of 2015 was accomplished. It might not be a New York Times bestseller, but baby it's a book!!

I think my favourite part is that it came on the last day of the year, through all the chaos and change. I can still remember what it felt like to hold the book in our hands, completed, with our name in it.

Then you decided to start a business in April. Actually you chose a business in February and changed it two months later. I'm so glad you did. Becoming The Enchanted Fairy has changed your life, and I would definitely say for the better. You are more settled in your life and purpose, it looks good on you.

Have you actually looked at and appreciated the effort and care you have put into beginning your business? I think sometimes you get overwhelmed and feel you should be further along than you are, and this stops you from seeing the magic you have created so far.

I want to remind you of that magic and how you are touching the lives of those around you.

Congratulations on the scariest decision of your life!! You made the big leap to be in business for yourself, you jumped off the ledge of working for others, into the chasm of being self employed. Cue ominous music.

You started a YouTube channel and committed to doing Angel Card Readings for people. Some days it feels like no one is there, but you know that's not true. Incredible people share with you how your readings matter, and that they feel them. Every time someone reaches out to you, you glow. This is what we are here for.

Then you started a bi-weekly newsletter, and have not missed a Friday since you began. You are learning consistency and your newsletter reaches the inbox of people all over the world. ALL OVER THE WORLD! When I write this I want to dance around it feels so good! You may only have 30 subscribers, but they are the best tribe a girl could ask for!

You learned that you need to hire out the work you don't like doing in order to give time to the things that matter most to you. This was a hard decision but life altering. You have more time to build relationships with people who reach out to you, and more time to spend with your family.

You created a deck of Intention Cards that show the world that words have power. You developed, designed and wrote all 44 cards, found a way to self publish them, and launched them. This is the second product you created!!

I am so proud of all you have accomplished.

Looking forward to the next year, I would love to give you some advice.

Hire out a bookkeeper. You have never known your numbers and this is something that is holding you back. You have an appointment for next week, don't get overwhelmed, just do the work and learn as much as possible.

Put your phone away. Your kids are only this big today and you don't want them to remember you on your phone, you want them to remember how you played with them.

Don't be hard on yourself. You have done a lot this past year and you are still learning. Your business is only five months old and you have made significant changes in your life already.

Keep learning. Go to conferences, read books, be in the presence of people who you admire... and don't be afraid to talk to them. They are people too, who started out just like you.

Start speaking to groups. You have always wanted to help motivate others with your story. It's time to get on stage and realize your dreams. It's ok to start small.

Create courses that will help others reconnect to their inner child and manifest the life they desire. You found your way back to your life's purpose, help others do the same.

Stay grounded. You have an incredible family and support system around you. Use it and know you are safe and protected. You have begun already, but I want you to kick it up a notch still. Go out and network. You are such a home body and don't like going out in the cold, but there are so many incredible people out there for you to meet and connect with. Be brave and wear warm clothes, it will be worth it.

Meditate as much as possible. It gives you a clear head and keeps you from feeling anxious. Slow down, breathe, and be yourself. I think you are awesome and funny, so just let your freak flag fly.

Mostly, I just want to tell you to have fun. Today only lasts for such a short time. Enjoy the small moments. Savour the day and all that it holds, because in a blink of the eye it's over.

Tamara, be you. Love everything and everyone. If you do this, you will have a life filled with joy and happiness.

Lots of love, today, yesterday, the last year, and the year to come.

Your best friend and biggest fan,EnchantedFairy





I would also like to take a moment to thank the people who made this past year possible.


Jeff Arnold, my handsome husband, who stands behind all my crazy ideas and goes with whatever makes me happy (he is a brave man!). You are incredible and I am so lucky to have your hunky lips to kiss each day.


My spectacular kids, who inspire me to create a legacy that will last long after I do.


Sandra Booker from Any Old Task. I thank God for you everyday. You see my vision and what I stand for. Thank you for making magic happen in these newsletters and my website.


Vanessa Parson-Robbs for continually finding ways to make my self publishing dreams come true.


Julie Carmichael for your creative genius in my first ever Colour to Create Your Most Amazing Year Agenda.


Atilla Rathonyi for your incredible art that inspired my Intention Card deck and graces the cover of the box and every card within.


To each and every one of you who read my newsletters, follow my journey, and allow me into your lives, thank you. I love you all.

For more ways to watch the silliness and fun, follow me at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Lots of love today and always,






Tamara Brouwer-Arnold, The Enchanted Fairy