Angel Intervention



I talk to Angels.

It’s kinda a new thing.

I’m pretty sure they have always been talking to me, I just didn’t know how to listen. This past week they got loud.  Louder than I have ever heard them before.  I wouldn’t say yelling, but there was some strong urging going on!


Do you ever get the feeling that you haven’t fully let go of the things you need to in order to move forward? I’ve been feeling like that for a few months now.  A spiritual plateau if you will.


Last week during one of my daily card readings on my Facebook page, the message that came through was that we needed to forgive to move forward. Boom… the Angels stepped in.


I had a strong urge to go for a walk and work through every person I was holding any negative thoughts, feelings or events with. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the November air was warm (something to take advantage of here in Canada), so I slipped into my runners and off I went. As I walked, I brought my attention to my beautiful surroundings.  To the clear blue sky, warm sun in the sky, soft whispering breeze, and gentle dance of the leaves.


It is in these moments that connection to the divine happens for me.


As I walked I began calling each family member to me, allowing their images to swim in my mind. I asked Goddess to come up through the ground and anchor me in my surroundings, then I asked for God’s light to pour down and fill the space in my heart that letting go opened. As I talked (out loud) to each member of my family, releasing all situations, events, or feelings that no longer served me, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders.


To be clear here, I spoke out loud.  I gave breath to my thoughts so that they were more powerful. I did not, however, do this when people were walking by.  Looking crazy was not on my list for the day.


As I got closer to home, there was only one more person I needed to bring up.  Myself.


I needed to let go of all the judgments, expectations, procrastinations, perfectionisms, that was keeping me bound from becoming who I am meant to be. That was the hardest part of my walk.  I don’t think we realize how hard on ourselves we can be.


I was exhausted and invigorated when I got home. Clearer, lighter, more open. Then the strangest thing happened.


I started to hear my Angels more.


They began messaging me more frequently.  Guiding me to make major life changes. I mean the big scary ones that make you feel like you are going to puke.


The coolest, most awesome part, was when I asked for a sign that I was making the right decisions, that they  were really the ones guiding me, and they came through big time.


If you remember, I told you that I have been in a bit of a spiritual slump.  A place of knowing I needed to forgive in order to move forward.  During this time, I started to have incredible hip pain (or as my osteopath said, sacral iliac joint pain). It sucked!! It would take my breath away sometimes.  If I moved the wrong way, I felt like my legs were going to buckle out from underneath me.


One of the things I was nudged to do, was look in to writing my book. As I researched how I wanted to do that, I came across a program that felt so right.


Filling out the application was an experience let me tell you. I always say resistance comes right before something amazing is about to happen, so I knew the teeth chattering panic attack was a sign I was in the right place. The incredible part came after I pressed send.


No longer was my body in a state of panic, and when I stood up, my back pain was gone! For real!!!


This is a moment I will NEVER forget.


I feel so incredibly blessed right now. I asked for a sign and I got one. I might not always feel this connected to my purpose, but for today, and as long as it lasts, I am happy.


What about you? Have you ever had one of those moments? What was your unmistakable sign from the universe?