An Unexpected Gift


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When I went to do my book signing last Sunday, I made the commitment to be fully present for each and every person who came over to my book signing table.

To be grateful and answer any questions that they had.

So when an older gentleman approached the table half an hour before I was done, I was fully invested in sharing a conversation with him.

I had no idea that David was coming to teach me so much about myself and what I do on this Earth.

From the time he stepped up, I knew he was very skeptical of everything he saw.

There was a crystal ball, sound bowl, smoky quartz, selenite wand and labradorite stone all placed to share their energies with my book and me.

My daughter had also found a card deck, Crystal Angels by Doreen Virtue, that we had bought at the beginning of the day, and had been pulling cards for people as they stopped by.

1779904_1534442435uWX38936095_1016083587As David gazed over all the pieces, he gave the impression of confusion, but curiosity.

He would point at everything, never touching, and ask what everything was.

I would answer with my heart knowledge and his eyebrow would quirk up and his response was always “really?”.

So when it came time to ask me about The Magical Business Method, I knew that he was up for some serious resistance.

The first question he asked was, “where did you get the information for this book?”.

“I downloaded it”, I responded.

“Really? What does that mean?”.

“It means that I received the message one day that I could read chakras, so I started doing as many as I could to understand how they affect our life and our business”.

(This started a conversation about chakras that lasted a short time).

“And you believe all this?” David asked.


“Did you read books, or study to write this book?” Was his next question.

“No”, I responded. “I chose to allow Spirit (God), to be my teacher. If I was going to be taught, the big guy upstairs was who I was choosing”.

“Really? You believe this?”. This was probably the tenth plus time David had said ‘really’ by this point of the conversation.

“I do”.

We moved in to a conversation about how writing a book showed I had ambition and he asked MANY questions about The Chakra Business Academy, how I helped people, what it looked like, if I made money, how much I made, and for some reason, instead of getting defensive, I opened up more fully to sharing.

Don’t get me wrong, there were thoughts going through me head of “don’t tell him anything, he could be a stalker or dangerous”, but I chose not to put energy in to them.

As we continued chatting and he learned that I help women step in to doing work that make a difference in the world, even though it included talking about clearing internal energy to receive the vision fully, David was on board.

He was going from skeptic to seeing the need for this work.

Even though the way he shared his understanding was very logical.

So after at least thirty minutes of chatting, David congratulated me on my book, told me I was very charming, and that he could see that I could help woman create businesses that made them happy.

When we got in the car to go home, my daughter looked at me and asked, “why did you spend so much time talking to that man, he must have said ‘really’ about thirty times while you were talking to him.  He reminded me of how my Dad feels about all this stuff”.


And in that one sentence I realized why David needed to come to my table.

That he was the teacher to help me fully ground in to my mission and purpose, even when faced with an energy that would normally have triggered me.

I am so grateful for the connection I made that day and look forward to so many more.

Life is a beautiful gift, no matter how the gift is wrapped.

Choosing to step out of the fear, and in to the space behind, creates opportunity to see the world with so much more beauty.