Am I an Empath?

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This week I have had some pretty powerful conversations with incredible people, and the one question that kept coming up was, “Am I an empath?”

So I thought I would jump in this newsletter on this freezing cold Saturday morning to answer that question.

To write this list, I’m drawing on the fact that I’m an empath, my kids are both empaths and every client that chooses to work with me is either an empath or a highly sensitive person (HSP).

First let’s go over the difference between an empath and someone who is highly sensitive. Because sometimes I think they get confused.

A highly sensitive person tends to get overwhelmed in large crowds due to overstimulation. Every physical body sense is heightened, so the noise is abrasive, the smells are overwhelming, the light of the sun burns their eyes, the lack of space feels suffocating, and don’t even get me started on the sounds of people eating. Clearing I am an HSP as well as an empath!

HSP’s tend to be introverts based on the fact that their heightened senses can get too overwhelming and cause things such as headaches and fatigue.

And here comes the difference. What doesn’t happen to an HSP that does happen to an empath, is transfer of energy.

Someone who is HSP doesn’t take in the emotional energy of the crowd or the other people. Their discomfort and tiredness comes from over stimulation.

Now to the empath.

The empath’s superpower is energy. In every way. Feeling it, sensing it, absorbing it, shifting it.

They may or not be HSP at the same time. Some empaths are, some are not. But no matter what, an unprotected empath will feel exhausted after being around people.

Empaths are not always introverts either, some are extroverts which confuses them.

Even with protections in place, we can feel tired. We can shield a lot of what is happening outside our homes, but when we engage with people we love like our friends, we auto tune to open and feel with them. It’s the empath way.

For most of my life it didn’t know I was an empath, I just explained what was happening in a way I could understand. I would tell everyone I was a sponge for other people’s emotions.

When I was little I chose to spend time with adults. They made more sense to me. Kids were mean and hurt other kids feelings. I never understood that, even young. My moms friends would tell me I was an old soul. This exact same thing happens with my children.

Through high school, I would walk the hallways and think people hated me. I barely looked up from the floor. I felt bombarded by anger and negativity. When the other kids were thinking about their parents, friends, siblings, I thought they were directing their angst at me.

Joining the workforce offered its own set of problems. One of two things would happen. One, I would not be able to understand why my bosses were doing the things they were doing, and if it hurt other people, I would quit. Two, if the atmosphere of the place I was working in brought my energy down, I would begin to have anxiety about going to work, which would inevitably cause me to quit.

So by my early twenties, I began the soft journey into entrepreneurship by becoming a home party sales rep (for sex toys no less) for two years, dabbling in multi-level marketing, and ultimately landing in personal training. Where I stayed for almost a decade.

Every job I could handle, had to raise the energy of not only myself, but the people who I came in contact with.

All this happened BEFORE I knew I was an empath. My life was already being built around feelings and energy.

Then the realization that my super power was energy emerged and with that knowing came a bigger awakening of my gifts.

You know the saying, what you focus on grows, well that is 100% true of your spiritual gift too!

And once you awaken, you can’t go back to sleep.

So an awakened empath will often:

  • Question if they are an empath

  • Know how others are feeling without having a conversation

  • Will be drawn to learning reiki

  • Need to sleep after being at the grocery store, out with friends, or after lunch dates and not know why

  • Will assume that what they are doing everyone else does (they do not)

  • Feel their head aching in a way that is not a headache but feels like pressure

  • Will feel upset with non empaths until they realize that they are cool and just don’t feel like we do

  • Won’t know how to protect themselves at first and will feel overwhelmed

  • Can feel anxiety frequently and not know why

  • Will have a deep urgency to help the world, so much so that it will bring them to tears

  • Won’t be able to handle hard news

  • May feel lonely as they suddenly can’t be around people they may have been friends with for a long time

  • Will see in technicolor (that is how I describe the heightened colours and crispness of vision)

Man… I feel like I could keep writing, because the list is mighty. To write this list, I use my gift of being an empath and energy reader. I sit here feeling in to the person reading this email right now who is awakening to their gifts. As a collective I feel what you are a feeling to help me serve you.

It’s the most magical thing in the world.

Learning to navigate the emotions of awakening to your full empath power can feel overwhelming at times. I feel you! Literally!  So please email me and I will help in any way I can.

If you want to learn how to use it in your life and business to better serve your people, we can do that too. That’s what working with me is all about.

If that feels like it resonates, we can feel in to your gift in a 15 minute energy reading and start putting a plan together.

You can grab a time here.

Being an empath is the bomb and should be celebrated instead of feared. It’s the most energetic spiritual gift of them all.

I look forward to sharing even more ways you can impact people with your gifts not only here but on my podcast too.

Love you all so so so so much,


Jamie Clampet