It’s hard to believe that a month has passed since I declared that I was a fraud publicly (did I really do that!).

The response from that post still sends rivers of love down my body. It was more than I could imagine. So grateful.

But that post wasn’t going to shift the 1-866 numbers from calling (they are relentless), or pay down my business debt. That required me to get busy and step up my entrepreneurial game.

So that’s what I did. And I’m going to share with you the 5 ways I paid all my debts up in one month.

  1. I upped my meditation game. This was the most important and the most uncomfortable. I committed to not focusing on what I didn’t have, and decided to spend more time imagining my future self. Dr. Joe Dispenza and I spent many mornings changing my physical body by shifting my emotional state. Most of his meditations are an hour long, but I found a morning and evening one that ran about 25 mins each which gave me the confidence to keep going. The more time I spent imagining a future where my bank accounts were full, the less stress and worried I felt in the present moment. This allowed me to focus on the next four points more easily.

  2. I changed my business model back to what was working last year. What?!?! You see, during a call with my mentor, she asked me a question that sent me into a deep dive of everything that happened in my business from April of last year to present moment. She asked me to notice how I created the feeling of being trapped in everything in my life. Once I could see the pattern, I could see how every business decision I made, fed the flame of becoming more and more trapped, until my mortgage bounced. It was this awareness that allowed me to see just how right everything was before I switched everything. So I simply made the decision to go back to what was working.

  3. I learned my own tech. For two years I have kept myself from being in my business by telling myself I hated tech. I created the belief that I didn’t know what I was doing. This meant when anything needed uploading of shifting, I was at the mercy of someone else’s schedule. Guess how that made me feel? Yep! Trapped. Having completely moved platforms in April from what I knew to what I didn’t know, I made the decision to also go back to what was working here. I said a sweet farewell to Kartra, and kissed and made up with Kajabi and ConvertKit. This decision has put me in the drivers seat of my business again, and tooting my own horn here, I am a tech genius!

  4. Opened monthly one on one deep dives. I love doing one on ones. Yet it is often thought to be a no no in the entrepreneurial world. Those hours spent with a client could be spent focused on marketing or sales instead. Which I understand from a birds eye view. But the thing about the work I do, is it’s a major energetic overhaul, and some people just don’t want to do it that in a group. This meant I had to step in to my own heart and listen to the call I was receiving. That created space for two magical people to sign up to do this deep dive work, which felt right energetically and financially.

  5. I got very clear on my financial landscape. That meant realizing that I had been living in extremes when I didn’t need to. I thought I had to do everything to the proper percentage or not all. So if I didn’t put 30% in the tax account, then I wouldn’t put anything. I felt I had to pay everything fully. This often meant I would push myself right up to max overdraft with no buffer. Without a buffer, an emergency would happen and I would drain my tax account. All this made me feel trapped (surprise!). So I adjusted how I moved my money around, creating space and less drama for myself.

All these have had a monumental difference in me going from completely broke to completely caught up in one month.

And I’m dropping one more as an extra bonus because I just remembered it and it was incredibly powerful.

From December 31st until January 21st I stopped doing my morning gratitudes and future self statements. There are no words for what those three weeks felt like. Heavy comes to mind. More challenging. Harder.

As soon as I started back to writing these out, my finances tripled in the last week of the month. Just saying.

My goal for February and March is to catch up on all the money I owe for taxes. This is a pretty lofty goal, but one I’m all in on achieving.

Because if I can see it already accomplished, I can then call in the people who are ready to transform their internal energy.

And that fills my heart with joy!

The money conversation is often an uncomfortable one to have. I definitely didn’t have a family that talked about it. So sharing all the details here is not super comfortable.

But I am committed to being as open as I can through this transition to help anyone who these words and this honesty may impact.

We got this!

Jamie Clampet