5 Lessons from real life Earth Angels



5 Lessons I learned from real life Earth Angels – and how they can help you too!

I am blessed to hear divine Guidance from those above, but on September 21st I was given the gift of hearing real life Angels on Earth.

Everything about this day was magical, even from the ticket, which was gifted to me by my Fairy Godmother(s).


I am a morning person by nature, but the call to action came early this day to meet up by 6 am.  This meant I was seeing a four on my alarm clock when I woke up.  Not that I slept that great anyway, as I was vibrating from excitement, anticipating how incredible this day was going to be.


Myself and three others piled into the car and we were off to Toronto to watch the first ever Archangel Summit being held in the Sony Centre, the largest event centre for bringing a group of individuals together.


When we got there the place was buzzing. I could feel the energy rolling off everyone. This was something epic. This would be a day that would stay in hearts and memories for days, months, years after.


The day consisted of at least 10 incredible speakers, including the likes of Robin Sharma, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk (shut up!) and Gretchen Rubin. Everyone blew my mind, every word spoken created emotion.


I was in Archangel heaven.


Eleven hours later, we piled back into the car to come home and my mind was a pile of love goo, ready to make the world a better place.


With so many incredible speakers and moments, after almost a month of sitting in information overload. There are five take away messages I want to share with you that have rocked my world.


1. We are all the same – this nugget was said by multiple speakers and it really resonated with me at this point in my life and career.

Every incredible speaker on stage was once in the audience.

Every one is a living, breathing, creator of growth and change who is in this world to make an impact. Just like me!!!

The idea that they were no different, made them real. It released the fear inside of me that I was not good enough, or important enough to be on my mission.

It allowed me to have space in my body, mind, and spirit that I too can make a lasting footprint in this world, and I can do so by being confident in who I am and fearless in whom I speak to and share with.


2. Stop being the victim – boom!

I honestly thought I had worked through all my baggage, I was wrong.

Listening to the presenters speak about owning your story, free from the victim mentality, forced me into a head space where I questioned who I was and why.

It was here that I realized that I was still playing small and blaming circumstances in my life for why I was the way I was, or why I didn't have or hadn't done certain things.

Realizing this has made me question everything about myself... in a good way. It has me re writing my story as the heroine, not as the damsel in distress.

There is a growth when you realize you love yourself just as you are, and in doing so, you love every event and relationship in your life, good or bad, that made you the exact person you are. Magic.


3. Working together creates more love – the era of doing it alone is over. The time of collaboration is upon us.

You are amazing all on your own, but imagine the impact you can have by working with others. People who compliment the elements you don't have, or have a network of friends who need what you do.

There is strength in forming a connection and bond with those who are on the same mission as you. You are not alone.

There are billions of people in the world, and by creating a network of like minded people all over the world, you aspire to impact as many people worldwide as you can.


4. What you do is your gift – You are here on Earth to complete a mission of pure love. What makes your light shine bright, is what will make the world a better place.

No one can do what you do. Even if there are others in the same field as you, they don't say it the same way, show it the same way, or even believe in it the same way. That's what makes what each of does so important.

For instance, on September 21st 2016, I sat and listened to at least 10 impact makers and entrepreneurs take a stage and speak completely different stories. Even though they are all making a change on a global level, and building businesses, none of them shared the same story. Think about that.

YOU make your business unique and sincere. YOU make your business, and what it offers, a gift. YOU are the reason people and the world need what you do.


5. The more you give, the more you receive – beautiful.

We are here to be in the service of others. Letting go of our egos and realizing that there are people who need us is important.

I've recently been gifted the ability to see this first hand. I have chosen to work with some people who I know I can impact, and I am doing so because they need me, not because they are paying clients. This has opened a whole new world of love and life for me.

There is no better way to truly love what you do, then to do it without expectation and reward. As the Archangel Summit pulls further and further from my mind, heart and soul, I needed to write out these life lessons so that I could refer back to them at any point and remember how much it left me wanting.

Wanting to be a better person. Wanting to help more people. Wanting to create a world where we help each other become the best versions of ourselves.


If you have never heard of this event and it hit home for you, here is the link http://www.archangelsummit.com/.


The only thing left to say is, thank you to everyone who spoke that day and made yourselves real to each and every one of us in the audience. Thank you.


Lots of love today and always,






Tamara Brouwer-Arnold, The Enchanted Fairy