30 Day Beautiful Body Cleanse



I'm nothing but a big nerd.

For reals!

It's one of my best qualities.

I used to be afraid to talk about going to Star Trek conventions in high school, being New Kids on the Block's number one fan (I had the Jordan Knight pillow case and would kiss him good night), and I'm a HUGE science NERD. Now I own it.



I recently rekindled one of my most recent nerd loves in a big way and I want to share about it.


I taught the canfitpro Personal Training Specialist and Nutrition and Weight Loss Specialist courses for over 8 years.


Every few months I would get a new batch of excited students eager to learn what the human body and nutrition could do. It fired me up being around that energy, that willingness to learn. If you know how excited I can get, magnify it.


My two favourite chapters to teach were the ones that had the most science in them. They were Energy Systems and Nutrition.


Mitochondria, ATP, Oxygen Deficit and Debt oh my!!!


I know you might not find the same pleasure in those words as I do, but I really get jazzed up when I see them.


I was sitting at my kitchen table the other day and I was throwing ideas around to my husband about how I was going to put all the pieces together for my tribe, mind, body and spirit.


My Intuitive life coaching and angel card readings covered mind and spirit, but how was I going to reach the world in the body department when I can't Personally Train everyone???


I got to work researching. I needed to find something that represented my belief systems and could make a huge impact on people's bodies from Alaska to Australia.


Then I found it. Something that signalled your own body to repair it's own mitochondria and reproduce it while minimizing free radical damage. Shut the back door!!! I was in love.


Usana Nutrional Supplements and I started dating the minute I read its profile.


We are now in a long term relationship and soon to be married for life.


Within days of starting the supplements, I felt amazing, more energy, glowing skin, and it wasn't just me!


Obviously I couldn't be the only guinea pig. I had to enlist the help of my husband and children. I needed to see what it was capable of with everyone in my house.


It's been the best decision I ever made.


My husband is sleeping through the night, feeling great, and we are spending more time doing stuff, all kinds of stuff!! Walking the dogs after dinner, making plans for the weekends, and even getting a little friskier!


It's almost too good to be true, but it's not, it's the real deal!!


I also partnered with Healthy Girl, which has a program called the Beautiful Body Cleanse. It's 30 days of mind, body, spirit connection and it rocks!! It covers everything to build a deeper sense of self love and renewal.


Coming up October 1st we are doing our first GLOBAL BEAUTIFUL BODY CLEANSE MASTERCLASS!!!


You can join participants from all over the world as we create a High Vibration Living experience!



This tribe is my vibe. I will be there with you every step of the way as your mentor and as someone who is on the journey with you.


You can read more about it at www.beautifulbodycleanse.com


To find out more about Usana, check out www.theenchantedfairy.usana.com.


Let me know if you have any questions!!


So much love and light!!






Tamara Brouwer Arnold | The Enchanted Fairy


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