3 Energy Hacks That Will Bring You Instant Results


  Your energy is the most important commodity you have. Screw the old adage, “I don’t have enough time”. The new kid in town knows that even with enough time, your energy is what matters. No energy, no results.

So how do we maximize our energy and use it in the most optimal way? Breezing through the day like the movie scene where the main character walks, looking cool, wind blowing in their hair.

Here are the top 3 energy hacks to increase your productivity and give you loads of awesome results.

1. The first answer is the right answer.

This one gets me all fired up. How many times do you think to yourself, “what do I want to do?”, “what’s my next step?”, “is this the right move?”. You get an immediate answer. You know it’s right because it feels good and scary, and you want to resist it.

Then, your head gets involved. Well if I do this, then that might happen. Maybe I should ask my husband, or my friend (of which neither is your ideal client). I don’t know. Maybe this isn’t a good idea. It felt good for a minute, but there are so many “what ifs”.

Days go by as you paint an elaborate picture of all the things that could or could not happen, who they could affect, as you slowly drown the answer in a pool of potential outcomes that don’t exist.

Or, you ask the question, get an answer, and do it. Whether it’s right or wrong, the movement sends you in a direction that leads to opportunities, clients and collaborations!

The first answer IS always the right the answer, as your business and results move forward at the speed of light.

2. If you know something will make a big impact - do it

How many months have you felt like crap because you haven’t looked at your finances? Or sorted that stack of papers on your desk? Maybe you been thinking about cleaning out some closets because the clutter is driving you nuts, cringing every time you have to put something away, but you keep cringing and do nothing.

Day after day, you look at, or think about, how incredible it will feel when this soul sucking thing is done.

Finally you say “enough!” and take an hour or half a day to complete the task. It’s way easier than you thought it was going to be, you wish you had done it sooner, AND you create space for awesome things to happen in your business. Months of putting it off but thinking about it melt away and you feel as though a huge weight has lifted off your chest.

You are able to take a deep breath for the first time in months, and realize you hadn’t even noticed how shallow you were breathing in the first place. Oops!

Do the thing that you have been putting off for months. It  will impact your energy and make you a receiving machine!

3. Put yourself first.

What? I don’t understand? I’m running a business and have to think and worry about so many other people. I have to make dinners, keep the family organized, get the groceries, do client work. There isn’t enough time (there’s that word again), to do it all.

Oh but there is! And it begins with you. It begins with you putting your oxygen mask on first so that you can be the Xena Warrior Princess of your day!

Grounding in to your energy in the morning, whether it’s through exercise, a walk, meditation, journaling, or all the above, places you fully in to your bod. Ready to kick a$$ and take no prisoners.

That might sound aggressive, but that’s kind of the point. You get so much more done, with more ease, when you put yourself first.

Your energy is a non negotiable in your business. It’s like peanut butter to chocolate ice cream. Donnie Wahlberg to New Kids on the Block. Professor X to the X-men.

It’s the main ingredient. The secret sauce. The key to unlocking endless opportunities. And also the first thing to go when things start to get busy.

Commit to these 3 energy hacks for a week and notice how you feel. Notice how much more energy and time you have. Watch your business grow immediately as you create space for amazing things to flow in. What do you have to lose, except another nights sleep.