Chakra Girl to the Rescue


In February of this year I was at a mastermind that invited us all to a dance party, but the catch was that it was super hero themed and we had to dress up.

Now this fired me up in ALL the ways, because themes AND dancing are two of my geekiest, happiest jams!

As I contemplated who I wanted to dress up as, the only answer I received from my spiritual team was, CHAKRA GIRL.

Yep! Chakra Girl - here to save the world one energetic human body at a time!

For the last few years, learning and reading into the seven chakras has been my mission.

My stardust.

And through it all, I’ve seen recurring patterns emerge.

That’s why I wrote a book about them, The Magical Business Method. You can grab it here

It’s also why I took two months of my podcast to go over them in detail.

When you know what the resistance is in each chakra, how it presents in your life, then you know exactly what to do to clear it.

Which makes you show up in your business in a much bigger way.

This past Tuesday, the series tied up with the Crown and I had the idea to place all seven podcasts into a neat tidy email for you.

One pretty container to hold them all.

So that’s what this Musing is all about.

Chakra magic.

The place where you can create the most powerful shifts imaginable.

Where you can completely shift out of self sabotage and stuckness.

It’s powerful sh*t.

That's why I recommend pressing play on each and every one of these! 👇👇👇



Solar Plexus



Third eye


By listening, you will learn that having awareness over what’s happening in your internal energy can significantly change your life.

Which is a huge game changer!

The secret weapon no one is talking about.

Energy work changes EVERYTHING in your life.

How you show up.

How you interact with others.

What you put out in the world.

Your whole world shifts.

You feel confident leaving your job to launch a business.

You decide to write a book.

You see opportunity everywhere.

Abundance abounds.

Did I mention it’s a game changer?!

Since this is my life’s work, I would love to know what you thought of the podcast episodes and if you have any questions.

I’d love to help in any way.

If you want to connect to see what your energy is saying, you can click here for a clarity call.

Chakras have loads of information.

So excited for you to listen to these podcast episodes.

Jamie Clampet