10 Things that made 2016 ROCK my World!



This year has been one of the most exciting times of my life.

Like a roller-coaster, climbing the hill slowly at the beginning, then zooming into a series of twists and turns.

These are my top ten TSN turning points in no particular order.

1 . I knew at the beginning of the year I wanted to have a more global impact. In February I saw all my fave idols (Danielle Laporte, Kari Samuels, Gabby Bernstein, Nathalie MacNeil) promoting this thing called “BSchool” with Marie Forleo.  I joined the list to get the deets, and knew very quickly it was the decision for me.  I may not have finished it completely this year, but I will in 2017 (once you buy in, you can do it every year).  Not to mention I have met some of the most incredible people of my life!  The investment was $2000 USD but the value far exceeded my expectations!


2. I became The Enchanted Fairy. The significance is that I connected to my purpose on Earth.  For many moons, I floundered along, not having a direct course.  Finally, I now know what I am here to do.  I am meant to bring magic back to the world.  I will do this by helping people believe in themselves, even when their minds, or the minds of their loved ones, are fighting a battle we can’t see.


3. Once upon a time it was known near and far, that I was not a dog person. Some how this changed in 2016.  Between February and August, Lily and Pete made their way into my life and my heart.  Who knew?!  Dogs are actually kinda cool and capable of taking awesome photos! For instance, this is them sitting with me while writing the blog!



4. We bought a Nissan Pathfinder. Why is this important you ask?  I had the party bus aka mini van for a decade and wanted a sleeker look to carrying my family of six around.  Not to mention the van had died a long time ago and was really just a zombie on the road.  We hadn’t been on the highway as a family for over a year, and the Pathfinder allowed us many weekend memories at the cottage!


5. There is a book inside me, there always has been. Years have gone by without me taking any action towards getting words on paper.  Due to my inability to write on my own, I joined The Author Incubator program, From Idea to Done, and have started to create my book, with the knowledge my manuscript will be done by March 14th.  Shut the back door!!!


6. My son, my husband and I started Think and Grow Rich seminars. Game changer!  I love sharing this moment as family and having us all thinking on the same wavelength.  I am so proud of my son, who is eighteen, for seeing the value in learning these principals.  Not to mention, my husband and I are talking about our future differently, and I find it really sexy!


7. Becoming myself, completely. This meant I had to open up the parts of myself that I have hidden for a long time, letting my closet anxiety out and sharing the way I keep myself together in my personal and business life.  Sharing my thoughts has truly been the greatest gift I have given myself this year.


8. I did my first launch. Taking the leap and putting my idea out to world was scary as f*ck, but now that I have done it, it isn’t as scary any more.  Taking action on my dreams is new, but something I can see 2017 having a lot of.


9. Partnering with Usana, the highest quality supplement on the market today. Raising a son with Oppositional Defiance Disorder and depression was stressful.  Using supplements allowed me to keep my body strong, which kept my mind strong.  This year I found the most amazing company and I knew I wanted to bring awareness to supplements and Mental Health.  This is just the beginning.


10. Hiring my VA, Sandra Booker, who makes my words beautiful. I am a creator and hate all things computer. Making the decision to hire some one to do the stuff I hate, has given me the space to wrap myself up in who I really am, not throw my computer across the room and feel discouraged.


This has been one awesome year with so many memories.  By far, my biggest year in terms of self discovery.

Creating this blog was another way I made 2016 incredible, thank you for reading it and being on this journey with me.  You guys rock.  For real.  Thank you!

I’m looking forward to 2017 and finding new ways to create, help, inspire and serve.

Lots of love,

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