10 Easy Steps to get the Life of Your Dreams.... Number 10 is Key



Intuition is defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

We all have the ability to tap into this limitless flow of guidance, but often allow our egos to spear our thoughts from positive to negative, from ease to disruption.

It was only a year ago that I began tapping into my own intuition and using it's magical power to change the path I was currently on. I have to tell you, it changed almost everything about what I was doing, and those around me are still wondering what happened, but I am in a state of trust right now, and dang it feels good.

Intuition can present itself in multiple forms, so I want to share with you the top ten ways that I use mine to help manifest incredible new products that change the way creatives focus on their businesses.

1. Listen to your body.  Actually tune in to what it is saying to you. Do you get sick often, suffer from muscle pain or other ailments? Generally speaking, when you find yourself stuck in bed more often than not, when you have a hard time getting motivated for your day, or are tired no matter how well you eat or exercise, your body is screaming at you to listen. This does not refer to serious conditions of disease and mental illness, however, if you are normally a healthy, motivated person and all of a sudden you aren't, it is time to consider what is happening. A great book and tool to assess what you are feeling is, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. This book teaches you which emotions are tied to what ailment, so by listening to your body and healing what is affecting it, you open the pathway for your body and mind to communicate.

2. Paying attention to things that come true after you speak about them.Have you ever noticed that you might not think about something for a while and then boom, it is brought to your memory. Then after you are thinking about it, or even say to someone “hey do you remember...” it somehow shows up. It could be a show, a song, a memory or friend, but during that day the show or song comes on, someone talks about the same memory, or the friend you were thinking about calls. All this is your Intuition bringing its attention to you. It is saying, here I am, are you listening. Just this past weekend at the cottage my son was collecting rocks. He held one up and said “doesn't this look like that green ghost from Ghostbusters”. We all agreed that it did in fact look like Slimer from the movie. Funny thing is, what do you think came on the tv that night... Ghostbusters!!! This was my son's intuition chiming in asking to be heard.

3. Anxiousness or nervousness. There are two kinds of nervousness and anxiousness. One is there to help push us forward. For instance, when you know you need to do something outside your comfort zone in order to move yourself forward in life. That kind of resistance is there to push through our fear and make magic happen. The other kind of anxiety is there because we are not meant to be going in that direction. This nervousness is a cold, prickly kind of fear that makes you feel like your skin is crawling. An example of this is when you get a bad vibe from someone who wants to work with you but you need the money so you agree. At the mere thought of having to start the job, you feel a nervous energy coursing through your body. You get tremors, often diarrhea, and feel as though you are getting sick. This is the bad kind of anxiousness, this is here to tell you that you aren't listening to your gut feelings.

4. Dreams. If you are having the same or similar dreams repeatedly over a period of time, you should take heed and listen to what they are saying. I am not a dream expert, but I have had some pretty incredible realizations and divine messages come through while sleeping. I have had to look up some meanings online, have posted them on groups that I follow, or have talked them out with my Course in Miracles group. The important thing is that you are aware that they are happening and take what is coming through as guidance.


5. Meditation magic. I love what comes through in my meditations. I have to also say that I had never given meditation a try until last year. I would tell myself that I didn't know how, that it wasn't for me, or that I didn't know how to relax enough to be successful. It was all a way to keep me from looking deep within and hearing what my Angels, guides, and family who had passed had to say. Once I started, I have been hooked ever since. There is never a good time to start, a right way to do it, or enough time in the day. Just start and your world will change for the better! It is in these moments of silence, where you are alone with yourself in your higher consciousness, that you can hear your truth be spoken and know what you are meant to do.

6. Listen to your vibe meter.  You generally can tell within a few minutes of meeting someone how they make you feel. Don't push yourself into trying to like someone if they give you the heebie geebies. It doesn't have to be just people that disrupt your meter. If you are getting the vibe to stay away from a dinner meeting, a particular vacation spot, a grocery store, it could be anywhere, steer in the opposite direction. You are getting these weird feelings because it is not a good place for you to be. I will never forget leaving a friends house one day and when I got to the intersection I always turned right at to go home, I just felt the urge to go left and take a different route. I later found out that I narrowly missed a multi car accident I would have driven right in to had I taken my normal way home. Thank you Intuition!

7. Sometimes your intuition is actually coming from the divine.  Don't get all freaked out if you hear a voice in your head telling you to do something. It could be Angels or loved ones steering you in a new direction. As strange as some of the messages may seem, like when I was told to create a card deck, it is always worth following through on. I am amazed at what I am capable of when I listen to what is given to me through what I hear.

8. Synchronicity is one of my favourites!  There is nothing better than thinking about something, or having a feeling, and then it's as though the Universe is sending your feeling back to you. Everywhere you look, you see and hear the exact same thing from every direction. It is as though the world is mirroring your thought back to you in every form. When this happens, you know you are on the right track. When I went to Lilydale the other day I was talking in the car with my friend on the way up about making a Manifestation deck. While we were taking our course that night, the wonderful Diomira spoke for the first ten minutes of class about the importance of using manifestation. Done! I was sold the minute synchronicity came out to play.

9. Flow.  When things just seem to be falling into place and you don't seem to be doing much work to make it happen, is another way you know you are travelling in the right direction. Intuition, Angels, Guides, assistance of all kinds, work with you when you are creating the content and life you are meant to have. When you listen to what and where you should be going, it is as though a soft wave gently carries you to your desired outcome without there needing to be a great fight to get there. When people ask me how my 52 week colouring agenda came to be, I can't really answer the question. It is as though it made itself, with the right people coming into my life just as I needed them.

10. Trust and Believe. I once looked at my husband and asked how Intuition helped him. He, of course, looked like I flashed a police light on him and froze. It was in that moment I knew what the last Intuition marker was. It is something he is doing more and more and is essential in having your Intuition work for you. You need to trust and believe in the messages that come to you, your feelings of good and bad, and that when you put energy out into the world, that energy will make it's way back to you in the form of people, money and opportunities. Without having the trust in what you receive or the belief it can happen, Intuition doesn't have a ground to stand on. Opening yourself up completely to use your gifts is a monumental key in changing how your dreams move forward.Just to be clear here, you absolutely have Intuition. I promise you, you do. Sometimes it is sleeping, just waiting for you to set the alarm and wake it up. Mine was asleep, not fully, kind of dozing, until last year when I was thirty seven and I woke it up. There is no right age, right way, or right path to take to tap in, you just try. Then you keep trying, get freaked out a little by what you hear, then go with it (or that's how my path went).These are the ways that Intuition manifests itself in me, they are my Intuition markers. I have felt a huge shift and change in my life since using them. I would love to hear how your Intuition works for you. I am always up for adding more magic into my life and learning new ways to tap in. Please leave a message or comment on how Intuition has created amazing results in your life, share a story or just enjoy reading what others have to say.It would also be incredible if you could share this newsletter with your friends. Lets start an Intuition revolution!

Thanks for your love and support, you all mean the world to me.

So much love and light,