Soulful Saturday Musings

As I sit in my living room this morning, I feel happy. I feel a deep connection to the Universe again, and have the knowing that everything is working out. That the more I relax in to this sense of peace, the easier everything flows. But this feeling I am nestled in...

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3 ways to stop being so serious!

It’s a Thursday afternoon at 4 pm. The kids are home from school. Siena just made a hot cocoa so she can go warm up and watch an anime show in her room. Claire is doing the same. And the sweet sound of guitar strings filter up through the floor from Jeff’s...

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An Unexpected Gift

When I went to do my book signing last Sunday, I had no idea that I would receive a gift that would teach me so much about myself and what I do on this Earth…

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3 Energy Hacks That Will Bring You Instant Results

  Your energy is the most important commodity you have. Screw the old adage, “I don’t have enough time”. The new kid in town knows that even with enough time, your energy is what matters. No energy, no results. So how do we maximize our energy and use it in the...

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What do chakras and crystal grids have in common?

  In the last retreat I led, I was instructed by Spirit to do crystal grids with the magical souls attending. This seemed like an odd request, since I had never created a crystal grid before. But when Spirit speaks, I listen. So I set out to learn as much about...

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The top 10 books I have read that changed my life.

  I have never hid that I am a huge book worm. When I was kid, I would sometimes play sick from school, just so I could finish a book that had kept me awake almost all night long. Disappearing in to a dream land, where kings, castles and far away realms existed,...

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