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I’m Tamara, The Enchanted Fairy.

Little more than three years ago I was living on credit, completely disconnected from everything around me, and struggling in my business.

No matter what I invested in, it felt like nothing was working.

It felt like everyone around me was figuring out the secret to success, and I didn’t get the memo.

I was trying everything. On paper and in my spiritual practice everything seemed perfect, except it wasn’t.

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UNTIL I wrote my first book and busted open my throat chakra and my root chakra. Two months after clearing those two energy floors, I downloaded my gift for reading chakras. It shifted everything. (Yes, including my bank balance.)

Most of us have completely detached from the energy and emotions that reside in our physical bodies.

We follow the checklist that society gives us as kids.

We learn to stay quiet. Don’t rock the boat.

We listen to what our parents and teachers tell us we should be doing.

Until the discomfort of living outside of our stardust is more uncomfortable than following the rules.

That’s where I come in.

I help you clear your energetic blocks that are holding you back from success as an entrepreneur, rediscover your stardust, and give you the one simple STRATEGY you need to create “instant results.”


Do you want the official “About Tamara” version?

Here’s my completely swipe-able official bio
(written in the 3rd person, so you know it’s legit!):

Tamara Arnold is the three-time international bestselling author of The Blind Leap, The Magical Business Method and My Kid Is Driving Me Crazy!

Tamara shows struggling entrepreneurs how to clear blocked chakras and discover their “stardust” — that unique gift that too often gets suppressed by parents, early educators and years of grinding out hours at jobs they hate.

After discovering her gift of reading energy (i.e. her stardust), Tamara shot from broke-online-nobody-scrounging-for-clients-at-45-bucks-an-hour, to award-winning author and business coach, retiring her husband, and rocketing to 6-figure success (dare we say, “overnight”).

Here’s what some magical unicorns have said about working with her…

“This is going to be hard to put into words, only because it really is something you have to *experience* to fully understand. I’ve spent years investing in my own growth and that of my business - and my work with Tamara has unlocked something I didn’t even know was locked. She has guided me, and in essence, taught me how to reconnect with myself and my purpose in a way I had nearly given up on. If working with her feels, even remotely, intriguing or interesting to you, follow that - you will thank yourself!”

“My work with Tamara can only be described as magical. The wisdom, knowledge and insight that she demonstrates in all she does with you is incredible. She has an ability to communicate with you in a way that is easy to understand and is used to push you beyond your fears, increase your energetic vibrations and break through the blockages that are in your 7 chakras - this is paramount for personal and professional development. The chakra business academy is for anyone who looking to transform their business to higher level or even anyone who is looking to begin a life as an entrepreneur!”

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