The world needs what you are creating.

Let’s help them get it.


I help spiritual entrepreneurs create the space within themselves to hold success so that they make a bigger impact on the world.


Have you ever wondered if you were an Empath?

Us magical entrepreneurs tend to FEEL things more than the average muggle. If you have ever wondered if you are sensitive to energy around you, this Empath checklist will give you that answer.


Are you excited to step into your stardust, your purpose, what you have been put on this earth to do?


Every day you feel the calling. The calling that there is something more for you to be doing, but you can’t quite seem to figure out what that is. You have spent your whole life following the rule and checking all the boxes.

Listening to the nudges you are feeling feels like breaking the rules. 

What will people say? 

What if it doesn’t work? 

What if it does? 

The fear of the unknown makes you paralyzed.

Sound familiar?

I feel you. Literally. 

I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you find clarity and define their stardust.  

Together we clear limiting beliefs and bust through chakra blocks, opening you up to receive exactly what you are here to do.

Understanding where and how you store energy, gives you the confidence to know what is serving your highest good, and what you can release. 

You feel free. 

Creating space in your chakras, shifting your mindset, and tapping into a community of high vibing rockstars, offers you an opportunity to become the person you know you are here to be.


Step into your stardust


Your process has been the missing link for my business. I made over 10K last month simply using Facebook.
— Alise Shelman Akashic Records Teacher


In 6 months since launching my business full-time I now have consistent workshop bookings each month and one Keynote booked out to June 2020! I’ve tripled the number of clients I work with, ran my first 8-week program, and have a steady revenue each month that is more than I ever made at my 9-5 jobs!
— Laura Hughes Speaker, Facilitator, Self-care coach


Are you ready to call 10 new soul clients into your business in the next 90 days?