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“Your process has been the missing link for my business. I made over 10K last month simply using Facebook.”

 ~ Alise Shelman Akashic Records Teacher

You were born to shine

So why do you wake up feeling like someone flipped your inner light switch off?

Look, I know what it’s like to feel stuck. To lose hours every day creeping your entrepreneur friends on Facebook thinking WTF? How are these unicorns more successful than me? My work is straight-up legendary.  #beenthere

Applying for certificate after certificate, every time thinking this will be your magic bullet. (Spoiler: it won’t)

Secretly cruising the job ads for the day when your partner tells you it’s time to start paying some bills, instead of making them. Ouch

Your ticket on the success train begins now, and it is a whole lot easier than anything you have ever heard or done before. #gamechanger

Tamara Arnold put my business path onto a projectory of high vibrational success. The moment I met Tamara, I knew right away that we were meant to work together. What I did not know is that she would truly help me step into my stardust. For me, that meant sharing my story with transparency and vulnerability, to the world. I remember the first Facebook post I wrote….I had been frozen in fear to expose ALL of myself to the world. For years, I had hid so well, and now it was time to come out. I wanted everyone to think that things were perfect, when in fact I was coming off of a 3 year ride from hell that had completely changed my life. There was an incredible two sided gift that I received the day I published my first authentic story on Facebook. The first was the outpouring of people who responded to me saying how inspiring my journey was, and that they wanted to know more. My absolute mission in life is to serve others, so this was truly an incredible reinforcement to hear that people wanted the REAL me to serve them, inspire them and help them heal. The second gift, equally profound, was a massive rush of lightness. Not only was I coming “clean” with who I truly was with the social media world, but most importantly, I was coming clean with I was within myself. To me, that is stepping into my magical world of stardust and moving into my body. Now, only months after working with Tamara, I have become such a stronger, healthier, more abundant version of myself. My business continues to multiply in revenue each month, and I am clear on how to spread my message in way that truly resonates with others. To say that Tamara is a gift in my life does not begin to express how she has impacted me both professionally and personally. I am certain she is an angel put on this planet to help others step into their superpower, grown their business and fulfill their wildest dreams while gaining health, groundedness and abundance in life. To simply be in her presence is a feeling of pure magic. Thank you Tamara, for your talent, for your friendship and for being so incredibly true to who you be as you shine a beautiful bright light for others to follow.  You are creating a legacy. One I am so honored to be a part of.

- Jenny Carr

Working with Tamara is entering a journey of expansive growth while being completely wrapped in the warmth of her wisdom and love as she wisely guides you to open your eyes to what you have not been seeing about yourself, what you have been holding on to that no longer serves you and who your soul wants you to become. Going through the program at the Chakra Business Academy has been exactly what I needed in order to clear my energetic body and make room for the best version of me as I empowered myself to move my business forward so I could serve those who I am meant to help. She truly is the Enchanted Fairy and as so, working with her is purely magical!

- Selene Negrette

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